You sign up log in groups nephrotic syndrome and fsgs support community home new recommended discussions journals members about sign up all active recommended topics start a discussion fsgs stories by grand06 · september 20, 2012 at 7:29 am · 12 replies in children with nephrotic syndrome 0 recommend recommended processing... buy viagra online usa no prescription    follow replies stop following processing... cheap generic viagra    problem    options options: print shared with the public although my son's neph says he has mcd, i'm always concerned about fsgs. Are there any stories of fsgs being treated w/out renal failure? Is renal failure a sure thing w/ fsgs? 50 mg viagra effects Explore topics in this post explore topics in this post: prednisone 12 replies    reply oldest first newest first by nephster reply 3391300 september 20, 2012 at 11:00 am report post i don't think there is a clear-cut, black and white answer to that question. viagra 100mg results It would depend on many variables, like if your son is receiving treatment how well is he responding to the treatment. prescription free generic viagra If he is responding well and his condition is well managed then renal failure can be delayed. If treatment is not going well, then this can also impact the progression to renal failure. cheapest viagra on the web I would say talk to your doctor about your concerns, i know it's tough and stressful to deal with the impact this has on your child's health, but you should not hesitate to ask your neph questions that you feel may be important to your child's health. viagra dosage proper Reply by grand06 reply 3391441 september 20, 2012 at 11:41 am report post hi nephster, thanks for your reply. 50 mg viagra effects My son's functions have always been good, and he has always responded well to prednisone. buy generic viagra online So, i am still hopeful he has mcd. order viagra So, fsgs always leads to renal failure? I thought that as long as it could be managed, renal failure won't occur. Best of health to you. Erma reply by mswmommy reply 3391465 september 20, 2012 at 11:49 am report post my understanding is that if fsgs is managed and renal function is good, the renal function can continue to be good. 50 mg viagra effects I have fsgs but a gfr (kidney function) of over 60, so that's still considered in the good range. viagra plus alcohol At this point that number isn't getting worse, and my nephrologist says if we can reduce the protein spilling then we should be able to maintain my current levels of functioning. buy viagra canada I have read on this site of others who have had fsgs since childhood and are now.
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